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Marcie’s chicks

Those of you who know me know that I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about chickens…..and no….I’m not crazy!!! Raised as a city girl who moved out to the country and am just now enjoying the finer things in life……like fresh free range eggs!

With that said…….They’re here They’re here!!!!! The newest members of my chicken family have arrived!!!! We picked them up today….there are 7 total and they are between 3-5 days old.

Difference between free-range and factory-farmed

The main (in most cases) difference between free-range and factory-farmed eggs is that the birds of the former type are permitted to roam freely within the farmyard and kept in sheds or henhouses only at night. However, not all countries have legal standards defining what free range means. For example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has no standards, and allows egg producers to freely label any egg as a free-range egg.
Cage-free egg production includes barns, free-range and organic systems. In the UK, free-range systems are the most popular of the non-cage alternatives, accounting for around 28% of all eggs, compared to 4% in barns and 6% organic. In free-range systems, hens are housed to a similar standard as the barn or aviary. In addition, they have constant daytime access to an outside range with vegetation. In the EU each hen must have at least 4 square metres of space.

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